By Melissa Ward

Standard HR practice:

  1. Busy person sorts through a hundred resumes
  2. The ones they keep get Googled
  3. The good Google searches get looked up in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

If they find you on Facebook, KNOW that they will read through your status messages, snoop through your photos and get an idea of who you are as a person.

This is REALLY important.

What impression are you leaving people who don’t actually know you?

  1. Is your profile filled with whiny “my life sucks” and “nobody loves me” posts?
  2. Is your profile filled with lip puckering photos of you trying to look hot?
  3. Do you have those half-dressed photos from that party that you were less than sober posted on your profile?
  4.  Are you complaining about every interview you’ve gone on?

If you said yes to any of the above – you just figured out why your phone isn’t ringing despite the fact you’ve sent out 400 resumes in the last week.

Here’s my advice: CUT IT OUT!!!

Get that crap off your page; attempt to look professional even though your self-esteem has taken a hit. Make yourself look like someone I want to talk to and interact with 40 hours a week.

Social Media has personalized the hiring process. You are no longer judged by the polished resume you’ve sent out, you are also been looked at from a personal perspective. If you can not manage to portray yourself in a semi-professional manner, you will lose the shot at the interview. Odds are someone less qualified than you who has a clean Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter profile will get a shot at the job before you do.

Sound harsh? It is – but it’s reality.

Clean up your profiles now.

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