Our History

Saratoga’s Job Fair made its first appearance on April 7th 2007. It was held at the Saratoga City Center and hosted about 109 employees and nearly 1000 job seekers.  It was the largest and most successful job fair in the region.

The second Saratoga Job Fair was held October 8th 2007, but with an Employee Training Program added. This too proved to be very successful, so each subsequent year a job fair was held in Saratoga in the spring and fall.

The informal group decided that they should become a formal 501(c) (3) charitable nonprofit corporation and incorporated as such on March 26th 2008 with the name, Saratoga Job Fair.

After incorporating, Saratoga Job Fair decided that it would like to be able to provide job fairs throughout the region. Jobseeker training, employee training and employer training will also be expanded.

Each subsequent job fair was very successful and well attended. Jobseeker training, employer training and employee training was provided. The sessions were very popular amongst employers as well as employees and they received positive feedback.

In May of 2009, the board decided to change its name to reflect the broader coverage of the services originally intended to be offered and thus became Capital Job Development Group.

Capital Job Development Group considered the fact that small businesses employ a larger amount of older Americans and are some of the greatest contributors to the economy, yet they are often the most neglected employer. Historically, in this region, small businesses did not often attend job fairs because of the cost and lack of exposure.

On September 12th 2012 the group held its first ever Schenectady Job Fair at Proctor’s Theatre. The event was deemed a success on somewhat of a smaller scale, with 50 employers and over 600 prospective employees in attendance. Since then Capital Job Development Group continues to hold the Schenectady Job Fair every spring and fall.

In conjunction with area professionals, Capital Job Development Group offers free workshops aimed at training, educating and updating the current workforce. The Group is dedicated solely to improving workforce and job development for the public and private sectors of the greater capital region of New York State and beyond.

The goal and vision of Capital Job Development Group is to be a leader in promoting workforce development such as job fairs, job search training and related workforce development programs. This vision includes small businesses, the bastion of our economy.